History of Black Star Ranch
After living in Southern California since birth, I finally got fed up with the traffic, the police-state mentality, the irresponsible State government, a big percentage of the people, and the incessant increases in taxes, laws, cost of housing, and services. I had heard of this little valley 60-miles outside of Las Vegas called Pahrump, that allowed virtually everything. Basically a "Live-Free Enterprise Zone". Over a two-year period I decided to check it out . . .
Being a "Constitutionalist" in nature and attitude, there were some pretty strict criteria as to where we were going to move. The area had to allow all forms of housing and be minimally zoned. The area had to provide the LEAST amount of required services and we wanted our own clean, clear water. We wanted to be able to grow a large garden, keep livestock and chickens, and we wanted the LEAST amount of infrastructure, taxes, user-fees, no CC&Rs and very little regulation in regards to building. The weather had to be warm with no humidity or snow and be clear of any industrial pollution or smog. We wanted no restrictions regarding loaded firearms and available concealed weapons permits. We wanted to be able to find a place where we could buy a piece of property, throw up a tent, drill a well for water, bring in electric, and live without the burden of a mortgage or hassle from a municipality. Around 2001, we found a 5+ acre piece of property with an abandoned run-down two story barn for less than the cost of some cars. There were no fire hydrants, no sewer system, no city water, no cable, no high-speed internet, brothels were located throughout the county, there were three times as many bars as churches, and 24-hour dining, drinking, gambling and carousing - the "Heart of the New Old West". I took the girlfriend and kids out to see it and we bought it. We ended up moving to the Pahrump Valley, Nevada, area and called the place Black Star Ranch!

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